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SAFE: Substance Abuse Family Education

SAFE is a six week family orientated program that is designed to provide a forum where substance affected families can receive information and support in addressing the factors surrounding problematic substance abuse within the family unit. Results have shown that participation in the SAFE program can greatly increase the likelihood that all concerned will live positive, productive, and healthier lifestyles. Often time’s family and loved ones do not have a concrete plan to help the addicted person. We have developed solid, concrete, and proven action plans to assist families so that they no longer need to suffer with the guilt, bewilderment, and chaos that addiction burdens them with.

During the six week period (18 educational hours), participants will explore:

• Resources For the Family

• Addictive Behaviors / Cycles

• Anger Awareness

• Conflict Resolution

• Communication Skills

• Resources For the Addict

• Peer Support and Feedback

• Educational Videos

• Coping Skills

• Empowerment and Hope

Cost of this program is $236.25.  Please feel free to contact us for SAFE program session dates at 604-460-8812.

What is the Impact of the InnerVisions Treatment Centre’s Family Program on Clients and Their Families? By Billy Weselowski