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About InnerVisions Recovery Society

In 1988  Billy and Kim had found a way out of the hell they were separately living in, met each other, fell in love, got married and decided they would commit their lives to creating place of safety. They embarked on a journey to help addicts find a new way of life. The dream they both shared was to provide a safe place where people with drug addiction and alcoholism problems could find the hope to save their own lives. Billy and Kim Weselowski simply wanted to pass on the message:

“There is another solid, concrete, action-driven way to live – one that is not a life of horror, degradation and loneliness, and one free from disease of addiction to alcohol and drugs”

This vision to create a safe and nurturing community for men and women suffering from addiction grew from humble beginnings in half of a Coquitlam, BC duplex. Today InnerVisions is a major part of the comprehensive, sobriety driven continuum that has helped thousands of people get and stay sober. Over twenty years later, Billy and Kim have never given up on the belief that dreams do come true, for InnerVisions and for you.

InnerVisions has become a nationally respected and recognized non-profit recovery society. Our residential treatment program has received the highest accreditation possible.

For the last several years, InnerVisions has been awarded finalist status for excellence in the preventions and treatment of substance abuse by the Donner Foundation. The Donner Foundation recognizes Canadian non-profit organizations every year for exemplifying excellence in the delivery of community-based programs.

Our staff and former clients have appeared on public & network television, radio, print media and speaking events to candidly discuss and educate professionals and public about addiction. We have provided training support to several school districts in our community, the RCMP, and a variety of Aboriginal groups.

InnerVisions and the members of our organization have been recognized locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally as recipients of several awards. Our staff have supported other dedicated community organizations via board and committee involvement, including the Canadian Counselors Certification Federation, the Alcohol and Drug Information Council, The Salvations Army Community Council, the Psychiatric Nurses Association, the Aboriginal Homeless Steering Committee, and the Regional Steering Committee for Homelessness. We are respected and trusted as a voice for awareness, treatment and prevention of one of the deadliest issues to plague our communities.

Billy and Kim are very proud of the people involved with InnerVisions and the work that is done here. They truly believe in helping to make a difference in the lives of those who need it.